About me

Hello! I am Sudeepta Sanyal currently living in Mumbai, India.

Most of my stories are from my time on the road to these incredible lands. They are designed to help you during your time there and perhaps even nudge you to go adventuring someday soon.

Music, tea, time on the road, dark rum, books, an evening with my friends is what gets me going!

This blog is for you if you:

-Like travel stories

-Are Looking for some travel tips

-Want to learn from other people’s mistakes on the road (in this case, mine)

-Are open to change and new ideas

-Like poetry

-Are looking to live a life of freedom, passion and compassion.


If not, read to have a good laugh!


You can reach me at sudeeptasanyal@gmail.com

PS: Currently residing in Mumbai.

Reading: Ben Okhri, The famished road

Listening to: Amiina, Kurr