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Celebrating 8 Fierce Female Travel Bloggers on Women’s Day | Moonlitekingdom

Here is a list of 8 top female travel bloggers out there changing the world one publish button at a time.  On the occasion of International Women’s Day, here is my tribute to some of my favourite women  travel bloggers out there.

Each of them embody the fierce feminine with their ability to create, nurture,  be aware, intentional, vulnerable and welcoming . They have been an inspiration to me and in no particular order, here they are:

Elita Almeida | Nomadic Thunker

IF you haven’t signed up for Elita’s Monthly newsletter you are missing out on a dose of chutzpah, that very few bring to the table these days. Her blog is quirky, eclectic and humorous while at the same time it focuses on issues of  body positivity mental health, etc.. “Travel has been the catalyst that’s enabled me to un-layer my own narratives” she says. This month the Nomadic Thunker’s newsletter is called Marzipan March and speaks about letters that she writes to her future self on her birthday. Elita holds writing workshops called “ Be You for You”  which focus on the power of the personal narrative.

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Amrita Das | Travelling ides of March

Ok, I must admit, I love love love the name of her blog. When I came across it  quite early in my blogging journey, it’s the name that set it apart for me.  Its  byline “Travel blog of a lover” really hits a sweet spot! Amrita champions female solo travel and most of her journeys are documentation of it..  In 2014 she quit her corporate life and embraced travel and worked and lived in Goa for a season as a property manager after  which she moved to Kolkata where she worked in collaboration with brands and tourism boards for content marketing .She is currently traveling in Nepal and recently  covered the Ardh Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj.

Vijaya Josephine Pais | Offbeat Goa

Vijaya started Offbeat Goa as a Facebook group in 2014 to bring together new and interesting things to do during offseason, Little did she anticipate how quickly it would catch on. It soon became a thriving community of people who are into beach clean ups ,meditation workshops, garage sales, pet adoption camps . For people who are staying long term in the sunshine state, her blog and Facebook group are a go-to for all things Goa offers! This  community of 12000 are not arm-chair warriors/ activists but give back to the land that they now call home and have fun while at it.

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Good news mums and dads of Goa! We’ve complied a super fun list of 20 activities for your kids to partake in from horse riding to nature treks. It’s all on our new blog post.. Click the link on the bio for the full load down. . . . . . . . #children #kids #kidsactivities #kidsfun #childrensclasses #kidsclasses #funforkids #goakids #offbeatgoa #sogoa #goatourism #gogoa #goalove #goa_diaries #goalive #goavibes #goa #glimpsesofgoa #beautifulgoa #unexploredgoa #hellogoa #goa_tales #_mog #obgExperience #horseriding #musiclessons #kids_circle #childhood #childsplay . . @omaggio_goa @shala142 @lighthavenindia @foodybreaks @ranjitarapurakal @gautam_nima @khojaao @snaden_shawn_dance_academy @sarayagoa @the_performers_hub @burgerbarandbakery @startaekwondogoa @sunshineworldwideschool @chi___combat_heroes_india @nimmi_joshi

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Mariellen Ward |BreatheDreamGo

Mariellen first came to India in 2005 on a 6 month trip. 10 trips and 13 years later, she now lives in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand .  Her blog posts reflect her personality: positive, indulgent and heart warming. Her social profiles are abundant with slice of life accounts of her move to Rishikesh, right from looking for houses to attending a ganga aarti. She blogs about India from her experiences and focuses on responsible travel.  M Breathe Dream Go has been awarded funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage, Canadian Government in 2016 and 2018 respectively

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Tomorrow is March 8 — International Women’s Day — and my birthday! . . I sometimes write a blog post about this *special* day and what it means to me. This year, I am reposting something I wrote two years ago. I still feel the same way, still think that “SHAKTI” — feminine energy — is what this world needs more than ever. See link in profile. . . And I’m still on the upswing. Things really started to change for me 2 years ago, and I have done nothing but continue to heal, grow, feel my power, and the power of manifesting my dreams. . . So, believe in your dreams and in your power. Especially if you are a woman. We need your voices. . . As a creative person, I really appreciate when people take the time to enjoy and even share my work. So please visit if you get a chance. Thanks so much 🙏🏻 . . Photo of me in Khajuraho colourized by @danielle_bhavya_winter . . #iwd2019 #Women #womenempowerment #womensday #womensday2019 #khajuraho #MPTourism #incredibleindia

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Rachel Jones | Hippie In Heels

Rachel, a nurse from USA traveled to India for a 3-month solo trip. When she moved back, her life in the States could no longer contain her. So she moved to Goa for a stay that lasted 5 years. This long stay allowed her to give refreshing insights as a foreigner soon moving her into iconic status. Her blog dishes out essential information about travel to India (and Mexico currently since she was living there) long term. She does all this while keeping it real and I love that about the blog. It is a must visit for those who are looking for long term travel tips and information. She just recently announced on her Instagram that she is coming to India, and I am hopeful to meet her during her time in Goa

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Sarah CC Bence |Endless Distances

Sarah combines travel and poetry in her blog Endless Distances. By her own admission the blog started as stories that she would write to her grandmother about her travels “across the pond”. She moved from the US to England in 2015. Now she has a beautiful blog where she is writing about expat life, yoga, poetry, gluten free travel, ethical travel.. Kudos to her for keeping it real and sharing with the world her challenges about living with chronic illness. The website is all sorts of beautiful and quaint, so go give it a look!

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DEAR #ENDOMETRIOSIS – ⠀ ⠀ You flipped my life upside down. I’m the third (known) generation woman in my family with you, and it STILL took until age 25 for diagnosis – which btw, I had to be cut open for. Thanks for that. You’ve impacted not only my health, but my travels, my relationships, where I live, my career, what I eat, how I spend my money, my VALUES. You’ve caused me immense pain and emotional distress, distrust in the medical system and myself.⠀ ⠀ Endometriosis…..THANK YOU. Thank you for showing me how STRONG I am, for giving me a calling to be a patient advocate for endo friends everywhere. To encourage others to live #wellandwidely DESPITE disease. To live by example, as hard as it is.⠀ ⠀ Endometriosis….. come and get it 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿⠀ ⠀ Love Sarah⠀ ⠀ PS it’s #endometriosisawareness month y’all. I will be posting about endo on my blog all month. But I’d LOVE your topic requests. What do YOU want to know about endo life???⠀

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 Nickolai Kinny Whitmore | Adventures of a tiny lady

Nickolai started her travel soirees with Bombay, adding Dubai and now blogs out of London where she and her husband live. She is veering to a specialization about dual travel or couple travel. She multi tasks her day with social media collaborations, work for WWF International and her blog. She remains one of the nicest people in the blogging world that I have met and I am happy and honored to have her on this list. 

Shivya Nath | The Shooting Star

Author of a best selling novel “The Shooting Star” and one of the earliest champions of solo female travel, Shivya keeps challenging the blogging scene as she moves from strength to strength. Whether it’s the choice of destinations that she travels to, or her stories about ethical travel or specializing in hunting down haunts for vegan food, she is a true blue game changer.

Quiet, reticent with a strong voice that she uses in her blog to speak about ethical and responsible travel. She is a travel blog superstar from the country yet sticks to the tagline of her blog “ just a girl who travels”. Shivya is currently in Iran and her stories will give you a serious dose of wanderlust

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“Listen: this world is the lunatic’s sphere, Don’t always agree it’s real, Even with my feet upon it And the postman knowing my door My address is somewhere else.” ~ Hafez-e Shirazi . . In the old city of Shiraz, the land of the great poets Hafez and Saa’di, time feels like it’s moving backward. One night, wrapped in a chador, I watch spellbound as the centuries old shrine of Shah Cherag glitters in the moonlight, as people pray, sometimes weep at the beauty and perhaps their own inner demons. One morning, in the Nasir-ol-Molk mosque, I feel a different kind of light within as its old stained glass walls reflect the warm winter sunlight. . . In the old city of Shiraz, once part of the ancient spice route, time feels like it’s moving backward. Walking through the narrow alleys, under the dome-shaped ceilings of old bazaars, where traders of the world once gathered, I feel overwhelmed. The smell of dried flowers and herbs, Afghan traders selling their wares, Persian carpets lining the walls. . . In the old city of Shiraz, the land of gardens, time feels like it’s moving backward. On a rainy afternoon, we walk under cypress trees estimated to be 900 years old, so tall they almost touch the grey sky. As I find my way to Hafez’s tomb, unsure if this is the same world I’ve inhabited all along, his words come back to me: . “Even with my feet upon it And the postman knowing my door My address is somewhere else.” . . 👣 Exploring Iran with @uppersia . 📷 Shot on #iphonexsmax . . #theshootingstar #irantravel #shiraz #uppersia

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Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed yourself. If there is anyone you think I should have listed, let me know, I would love to hear!

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