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Day trips from Reykjavik Iceland | Moonlitekingdom

It is no secret that Reykjavik is one of my favourite cities in the world. It has everything that excites me as a traveller: From music, culture, good food, street art, folk tales, the list goes on. The city also makes for an excellent base for exploring the otherworldly landscapes that Iceland offers. Volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs, magnificent beaches, glacial lakes all are within a day’s journey from Reykjavik. Here’s presenting, the top day trips from Reykjavik:

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day trips from Reykjavik, iceland, iceland travel, moonlitekingdom
An open road: What else is there

Golden Circle | Day trips from Reykjavik

I will start with the obvious. Located 50 km from the capital city, the Golden Circle consists of Þingvellir National Park, a geothermal area called Geysir and the mighty Gullfoss Falls. And I suspect that the Golden Circle is the most popular amongst day trips from Reykjavik.

Þingvellir National Park

Þingvellir National Park is a UNESCO heritage site today.  It is home to the Althing which is the oldest functioning parliament of the world which has now shifted its base to Reykjavik. Another significance of Þingvellir is that it lies on a continental Rift. Iceland is the only place in this world where you can see the rift above sea level. As a result, a part of the National Park lies on the Eurasian plate and the other on the North American plate

day trips from Reykjavik, iceland, iceland travel, moonlitekingdom, Thingvellir, Golden Circle


The next stop on the Golden Circle is the geothermal area of Geysir from where the word geyser originated. For example, here you will find hot springs, mud pools and gurgling hot water sprouts. While the original Geysir now lies dormant, the younger Strokkur puts up quite a show for us travellers, shooting up every ten minutes.


Gullfoss is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the country. I was awed by its sheer force and that’s what made it stand apart for me during my time in Iceland where I ended up visiting quite a few waterfalls.

day trips from Reykjavik, iceland, iceland travel, moonlitekingdom, Gullfoss, Golden Circle

Around Vik: Black sand beach of Reynisfjara | Seljalandfjoss |Solheimasandur Plane Wreck

While many like to club this with a South coast trip, I think the fishing village of Vik and its neighbourhood deserves a day of its own. However, if Reykjavik is your base, the South Coast and Vik definitely urge a visit.


The black sand beach of Reynisfjara is breathtakingly beautiful. Also, notably the picturesque basalt columns on the beach seem to be the muse for the artist Guðjón Samúelsson. He designed the Hallgrimskirkja church in Reykjavik. The waves are angry and have pulled in quite a few unsuspecting travellers, so be aware of that during your visit.

Read Poetry | Reynisfjara


Seljalandfjoss is in the neighbourhood and it’s quite a. beautiful sight. While it is a serene waterfall, it does fall from quite an elevation. The fall also provides you with the option of walking behind it, on a good weather day.

day trips from Reykjavik, iceland, iceland travel, moonlitekingdom, Seljalandfjoss
On a wet and cold morning in front of the Seljalalandfoss

Solheimasandur DC3 Wreck

The plane wreck on Solheimasandur black sand beach provides quite a dramatic scenery for the photographs. The remnants of a DC plane that went down in 1973 on the beach stands tall despite weathering the gales and the freezing weather. It is a 3km hike from the parking lost and is quite a spectacular sight to see.




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Geothermal Pools | Day trips from Reykjavik

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most popular Geothermal pool by far. Images of travellers in the milky blue waters nursing a drink often populate our social media feeds. Yes it is touristy and yes it does tend to get crowded but it is a must-visit during the time there, in my opinion.

It is beautifully managed, has plenty of changing rooms and when you finally get inside the water at 40 degrees with lava fields surrounding you, it is quite an experience. It is located 50kms from the city and makes for an hour-long drive.

Other Man made hot pools

Secret Lagoon or Gamla Laugin is a pool often clubbed with the Golden Circle trips. Located in Fludir, it is 1.5 hours away from Reykjavik. in addition to. the hot pool, it has a small changing room close to it and the town offers good cosy eats to relax in after your warm dip.

Seljavallalaug has captured my imagination ever since I saw a picture of it on the internet. While its source is a natural hot spring, the pool is manmade and requires a 30-40minute hike to reach. It’s free for visitors who visit and even has a small changing room, which is seen in most pictures.

Hot spring Au Naturel

I have to make a mention of Reykjadalur Valley or ‘Steam Valley’ which is a hot spring Au naturel. It is a 30 min drive from the city and takes an hour-long hike to get there. Expect a series of hot pools along a valley and the further you go up the higher the temperature gets.

Get your backpack with towels and clothes and a lunch pack if you may. The hike is well marked out so don’t you worry about getting lost. Visiting a geothermal pool is one of the most recommended day trips from Reykjavik.

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Hello Snaefellsness I : Stykkishólmur, shark curing farm at Bjarnarhofn, Kirkjufell, Grundarfjordur and whale watching:

They call Snaefellenss ‘Iceland in a nutshell’ because it considered being the microcosm of the Island. This peninsula has everything right from a National Park, a glacier, a volcano, wildlife, whales, lava fields, wildlife, small towns and fjords. While some may prefer to cover the entire peninsula on one day, I would recommend taking it a wee bit slower.

 iceland, iceland travel, moonlitekingdom, stykkisholmur, snaefellsness peninsula


The harbourside town of Stykkisholmur basks in understated beauty. Its first brush with fame came with its appearance on the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Located by a fjord, one can take a cruise into the waters, spot some wildlife and birds and if you are lucky you can taste some fresh catch from the sea while on the cruise. The town has a movie hall, a supermarket and beautifully preserved traditional homes which are simply picture perfect.


Very close by is the Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum which is essentially a shark curing farm. The friendly hosts will tell you about the local Greenland Shark whose meat is used to make the “Hakarl”.

They give you a tour of the farm, show you the process and also give you a taste of the infamous Hakarl along with some Brennivin to wash it down. Let’s just say that Hakarl is an acquired taste.

 iceland, iceland travel, moonlitekingdom, stykkisholmur, snaefellsness peninsula, shark curing, hakarl
Inside the shed
day trips from Reykjavik, iceland, iceland travel, moonlitekingdom, stykkisholmur, snaefellsness peninsula, shark curing, hakarl
Hakárl for you

Kirkjufell and Grundarfjordur

Vast lava fields will lead the way to the famous Kirkjufell next an oft-photographed mountain of Iceland. Nearby, the sleepy neighbouring town of Grundarfjordur is a surprising hub of whale watchers. In essence, this day covers the northern fringe of the peninsula and you could definitely use a soup break at Borganes on your way back.

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Snaefellsness II: Borganes, a hike to a volcanic crater at Grabok, black Church in Budir, A beach with seals, a fishing village of Arnarstapi

Grabok and Borgarnes

The second part of the Snaefellsness peninsula is equally exciting. While entering the peninsula, a 30km detour will take you to the Grabok crater where one can do a quick hike up. It’s not every day that one can hike up a volcano. Borgarnes is the main town of Snaefellsness Peninsula and has all the musings for a lunch break and a short walk around. the cafe at Settlement centre serves good food (a very elaborate vegetarian menu I must add) and it displays 2 exhibitions too.

day trips from Reykjavik, iceland, iceland travel, moonlitekingdom, stykkisholmur, snaefellsness , grabok crater
Grabok Crater
iceland, iceland travel, moonlitekingdom, stykkisholmur, snaefellsness , borgarnes
Cafe at Settlement Centre

The first stop on the southern coast of the Peninsula will be the white sand Ytri Tunga beach where often you can spot seals hiding behind the rocks. The beach is picturesque with the Snaefellsness Glacier as the background.

The Black Church at Budir

When you drive ahead, you will reach the town of Budir where you can walk through lava fields to reach the famous black church of Budir. Surrounded by mighty mountains, the church does offer a dramatic sight, chosen by many couples as a site for their wedding or pre-wedding photo shoots.

Arnarstapi and Hellnar

Driving ahead will bring you to the fishing village of Arnarstapi. It now houses a few homes and a visitor centre and a quaint pier for boats. In addition, one can hike from here to the next village of Hellnar along the coastline and that promises to be a fun 30 minutes.

Djupalonssandur black sand beach

The black sand beach of  Djupalonssandur is equally beautiful and dangerous as its south coast brother, the Reyjnisfjara. The shores reward you with black sand and smooth black pebbles.

Westman Island | Day trips from Reykjavik

Westman islands or Vestmannaeyjar is a volcanic archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. Its only inhabited town is an island called Heimaey. As a day trip from Reykjavik, it includes a drive till the port at Landeyjahöfn and then a ferry across. If you are driving your own car, the car can come with you on the ferry and explore on your own.

You can also join guided tours that take you around the island or tours that are day trips from Reykjavik itself.

Puffins and Volcano hikes

The island is famous for its puffin colony and the best time to spot it is June-September. Apart from that, it makes for a great day walking around town, visiting the Eldfell Museum which chronicles the volcanic eruption in 1973 which forced all the locals to leave the town. A hike up to the newly formed Eldfell mountain offers spectacular views of Heimaey and the that embraces it. The island also has some very good places to eat, some of them are the best restaurants in all of Iceland.

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Adventure Activities: Ice Cave tour| Glacier Hike | Snowmobiling| Snorkeling | Whale watching

Iceland is perfect for the adventure traveller. The best part is that you can indulge in these experiences right from the city. There are guided tours and groups that leave from the city.

On to the glacier

Once can go Glacier hiking in Solheimajokull, go on a snowmobiling day trip to Langjokull glacier, where one uses a 4X4 to get there and then continue on to the glacier for the actual snowmobiling.

You can visit a Natural ice cave under the Katla volcano at the Myrdalsjokull glacier or a manmade Ice cave at the Langjokull. Interestingly, both can be clubbed with snowmobile tours. Meanwhile, the crystal ice cave tour in Vatnajokull is purely a winter phenomenon and is NOT  a day trip from Reykjavik.

Snorkeling and water cruises

How about snorkelling in a continental rift, where you can see both the continental plates underwater? Not just that but the visibility in the Silfra Fissure and the richness of the aquatic life is reason enough to go. During winters (September-March) you can also go on Northern Lights chasing tours on jeeps or on a cruise in the harbour. All this can be done on day trips from Reykjavik.

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Boutique Stay experiences from Reykjavik

While I didn’t get a chance to experience any of these, but we do send our travellers at The Blueberry Trails to have these stay experiences which are a few hour’s drive away from the city. We recommend overnight stays in these, so they don’t technically qualify as a day trip.

Glass Igloos and lodges

The glass igloos of Buubble have captured the imagination of travellers around the world. While the Panorama glass lodge is a poetic fjord side reverie at Mosfellsbær,  15 km from the city.

Theme based hotels

Ion Adventure hotel lies brooding amidst a lava field in Nesjavellir, near Selfoss. Hotel Rangaa near Hella delves in rustic luxury and is the only 4-star hotel in South Iceland currently. It has a stargazing observatory on site.

For those who want to soak in the Blue Lagoon experience with a luxurious stay, you have the choice of an overnight stay at the Silica Hotel. It offers complimentary entrance to the geothermal spa too.

So much to see and so much to do from the capital city that it can be a tad overwhelming and too much to do on one trip. I feel that Iceland is a country that needs more than just one visit. It has a distinct summer and winter persona and you should come here at least twice in your life to experience the two shades that the country has to offer.

Hope you enjoyed the feed. Tell me which is your favourite day trip from the city. I would love to hear.

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