Goa beyond the beaches: Creative Community spaces in Goa

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Often the best travel memories are about friends that you make while on the road. When you are travelling long term (or even a short trip which you wish you could extend for longer) where do you meet new people? People with similar interests looking to learn or indulge more;  who are also looking out […]

Goa beyond the beaches: Best bookstores in Goa

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Here is a list of the best bookstores in Goa. For some of us, nothing beats the pleasure of an afternoon spent in the quiet corners of a library or the bookstore. Just the feeling of being surrounded by shelves of literature, stories panning centuries enveloping you in a sleepy, dreamy embrace, can be quite […]

Celebrating 8 Fierce Female Travel Bloggers on Women’s Day | Moonlitekingdom

Top Female Travel Bloggers this Women's Day 2019 | Responsible Travel | Solo female travel | Slow Travel | Long term Travel |

Here is a list of 8 top female travel bloggers out there changing the world one publish button at a time.  On the occasion of International Women’s Day, here is my tribute to some of my favourite women  travel bloggers out there. Each of them embody the fierce feminine with their ability to create, nurture,  […]

Reykjavik Travel Guide |Things to do in Reykjavik | MoonliteKingdom

  The capital city Reykjavik, of this mystical island nation floating in the Atlantic is one of my favourite cities in the world. Cute shoe-box like houses, windy alleys, its boutique cafes and nooks, and its harbour-side walks make it hard for me not to plan a hasty return. While you walk around the sloping […]

Zagreb travel guide: Top things to do in Zagreb | Moonlitekingdom

Much had been said and seen of Croatia by the time I visited it, in the fall of 2015. Game of Thrones was already a sensation and thus Dubrovnik featured on most traveller’s map. The parties of the coastal towns and the islands near Split had reached mythical stature and the pictures of the hues […]

Top Destinations for digital nomads in 2018

digital nomads

All those images of people working on their laptops while sitting on white sands, sipping colourful beverages sure gets my mind wandering. And am sure it gets you wondering too if this too good to be true? Are these people rich? Are these the workings of a trust fund? But have you thought that perhaps […]